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Getting more detailed map images

One of the common questions that we get is how to increase the map details in images obtained through the Print or Share -> PDF/PNG Image menu. We’ve now added a “Set Scale” option to the image dialog, as shown in the picture below. As you slide the scale slider to the right, you should […]

Region improvements and pricing

We’ve made it easier to specify color and boundaries, when you add or update a geographical or geometrical region on your map. Instead of specifying a color number and opacity, you can now select a color from a color picker and use an opacity slider. With this change, we are also limiting the number of […]

Remove local business listings from maps

Google Maps often display local business listings. When you are searching for local businesses, this can be a useful feature. At other times, however, the business pointers can clutter the map, or worst show competitor’s business on your map! For example, in the following map of a block around our offices, several businesses are listed, […]

Create a Large Poster Map with ZeeMaps

In the following video, we show the steps to create a 4 feet by 4 feet customized poster map with ZeeMaps, suitable for printing and hanging on walls, etc. As with any map images, you need to experiment a bit with the map area and size to get the image that you want. For world […]