Unsolicited Testimonials

Last year you kindly allowed us to use our Christmas Lights Campaign ZeeMap for free, as we are a Helicopter Emergency Medical Service charity here in the UK. Using the map helped us create a narrative around who were supporting and where. Our previous year's campaign raised £8,000. Last year, using Zeemaps, we managed to raise £14,000 to help support our life saving work. Thank you - we love Zeemaps!
Georgina F., UK
Thank you I really appreciate it! I realize there is also Google Maps, I tried that first and found it hard to use. ZeeMaps is really superior in ease-of-use.
Pam T., USA
Thank you so much. I really appreciate that. Please let the developers know how useful it has been. We got 27,000 kids singing with us worldwide and you enabled me to show that regularly - where they signed up! Thank you!
Great product!! One of our team members came across it and it was a breath of fresh air.
Rav P., Australia
I wanted to say thank you for all your help. We are excited to use ZeeMaps for our product locator map on our website. Your software is so easy to use and your technical support is impeccable! We look forward to [further] upgrading as we grow. Thank you once again!!!
Kevin, W., USA
BTW, I've been looking at other mapping freeware and ZeeMaps certainly looks the most user-friendly so far.
Eve R., UK and S. Korea
Thanks for creating and maintaining such the powerful map tool!
John H., USA
BTW, I've been looking at other mapping freeware and ZeeMaps certainly looks the most user-friendly so far.
Eve R., UK and S. Korea
Thank you for your prompt email, and more so for the refund. I have used ZeeMap to generate maps as part of an epidemiological study for my MD thesis. The experience was great, albeit annotations have a tendency to move slightly once the map is published. ZeeMap was critical in my work and I thank you for that.
Kadhijah E., Mauritius
I just wanted to say your app saved my holidays, it's really well done and easy to use. Congrats!
Benjamin W., France.
By the way, I've been searching since a week a way to display easily and smoothly, thousands of pins on a map, and up to now, the only one really working is yours.
Raphael, Italy
Yes, it seems everything works OK now. Thank you very much for your support and fast answering on my e-mails and at the end resolving it very quickly. When I send this type of problem to similar companies it is rare that I even get answered e-mail, so this time I was pleasantly surprised. I wish you all the best in your work, and keep working the same way, people will recognize that.
Matija B.
This is absolutely AMAZING! I am planning a reunion of the 471st Transportation Company from Desert Storm in Lawton OK AUG 2017. I read some chatter on our Facebook page about people carpooling to it, who was where, who went by whom, etc. I thought it would be nice to be able to plot that. I googled interactive maps and found ZeeMaps. You should advertise this in every Reunion, Military, and Alumni site and magazine there is. It is a real game changer."
Brian, S. USA.
Thank you sooo much! I love this software! I am so glad I found you! I am telling all my friends who have to map garage sales for their communities. What a time saver!
Lisa B., USA
I remade the map, making sure I had signed in first. I was able to save it, and do a screenshot of it, and it looks very nice! I'm going to recommend your site to our resource center at Texas A&M U, because yours seemed to be the easiest to work with and gives a nice result! Thanks!
Nancy W., USA
I really appreciate the extra effort you took to resolve the problem per my request. I will let you know if there are other questions. Thank you very much! Let me know if there is any way I can comment on your great customer service.
Gary D., USA
Simple to use tool for mapping a community garage sale. I would highly recommend.
Kelly J., USA
I truly think this is an exceptional product. I will definitely recommend this, and use this product again.
Andy W., USA

Brilliant service — fair pricing.

For a mid-level web admin like me, this is ideal. Its feature loaded and serves my exact purpose. The initial feedback from my site users is positive. Its always refreshing to find a functioning, bug free, user friendly solution to a problem I’ve been trying to overcome for some months.

Great work Zee Maps.

On behalf of the stewards and patrons of Lincoln, Nebraska’s Little Free Libraries I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful free mapping service. You’ve helped us grow the Little Free Library phenomenon and literacy in Lincoln more than you could ever know.
Bob. USA
Thank you for supplying such a terrific resource. I was very impressed with how easy it was to upload the details from my spreadsheet, popped it into my Weebly site without any problems at all.
Marita A., Australia.
I run a small wedding invitation business and wanted a good map to put on my site. I love the customization options available on ZeeMaps especially the color options. As a designer it's important everything match for me and ZeeMaps makes that easy :)
What a FANTASTIC planning tool! I have thrown away my list of 'must see' sights on an upcoming trip to NYC and loaded them all onto one of your maps. The color coded pins and ability to add notes has meant that I can categorise everything exactly how I like it. Thank you for such a great product at such a reasonable price.
Rahvi Ohli, via Facebook
I recently installed your outstanding map on my web-site and love it! In fact my webmaster had this to say: Not often a company outdoes what Google is able to do!
Jared B. (USA)
GREAT PROGRAM...I used MapPoint before and this so much better.
Tim D. (USA)
It just happened that I was looking for a mapping system that would let me work more intuitively than the Google Maps API system does when I found ZeeMaps. I thought I was in for hours and hours of work in front of a computer, but I'm so glad I was wrong. You have come up with something really great, and I'm always excited to see ingenious solutions like these pop up on the Internet. Best of luck, thanks for everything!
I just found out about zeemaps recently and have to say I love it! I do a few websites on the side and trying to manipulate Google maps for my purposes is frustrating to say the least! ZeeMaps changed all of that. I recommend it to anyone who needs this sort of service.
A. Wayne, Canada
This is a great program – exactly what we were looking for. I tried other solutions but none were as robust as this.
Jason. K., USA.
I'd also like to thank you for the free use of this excellent mapping program. It has been enormously useful to me for my work! I was astonished to find a free program that enabled me to attach such detailed markers, complete with weblinks, and which was so user-friendly. I kept expecting there to be a catch, but there really isn't one. I also appreciated that there was a real person to respond to my technical queries almost instantly. It has certainly given me a very positive impression of your company.
Vicky M., Dissemination Manager, EURESIN, Belgium.
I have been using Zeemaps for a while now, I have found the user interface friendly and intuitive. The map integration with my sites has been the easiest and most reliable that I have come across, plus the customer service is excellent too! Many thanks to Zeemaps for such a great product.
Roland H., UK
ZeeMaps is an essential part of our toolset at wired.com. With ZeeMap's simple and user-friendly tools, editors and writers can quickly add interactive, user-generated maps to news and magazine stories.
Pamela Statz, Managing Editor, Wired Digital
For someone looking to create their own map, either from their own first-hand accounts or creating an amalgam map of several sources online, this is the perfect tool.
I love it! I have been working to create a portal for the Lake Gaston area (on the VA/NC border) and your map works great. I cannot thank you enough. I'm still finding things I can do with it! http://www.lakedirectory.net/page.php?id=2
Harvey, P., USA
Fantastic tool!! This could be a tremendous resource for my volunteer group which is spread out across a fairly large area
Jeff D., USA
For anyone out there considering ZeeMaps… do it!! It works great on my website and there are A LOT more features than are available just through Google. Thanks so much to ZeeMaps for coming up with such a great service for us business owners. I run a printing company in Toronto, and location is important in my industry, so this has been a big help.
Thanks a lot. ZeeMap is better than the Google map. It allows me to use my own field names. I figured out how to use PHP on the back end of my website. It does a mySQL query and downloads a CSV file to my hard drive containing only the fields in the table that I want to appear on the map. Pretty cool.
Pete H., USA
Thanks for such a great web app. I've been designing things like this for years and work as an Interaction Designer and my pro opinion is that you all hit it right on the mark. Super useful without feature bloat. Congratulations!!!
Jack S., USA
Intuitive, easy to use ZeeMaps has been a lifesaver for me and the community mapping project that we started several months ago. I tried dozens of mapping services before I found yours and no other service offered anything nearly as wonderful as ZeeMaps. It was essential for our project that people be able to participate in and contribute to the map (without being able to alter or delete existing placemarks). Your multi-level passwords were a great solution, and the ability to add to the embedded map is a godsend. After months of flawlessness, I encountered a bit of a glitch with the map today. I called and immediately reached a helpful and friendly person who personally fixed my problem in less than twenty minutes. I'm amazed and grateful. Keep on doing what you're doing, and thanks!
Heather B., New Orleans, USA
I would like to thank you for ZeeMaps. I am a third grade teacher in Missouri and I just recently came across your product. My students had been becoming very interested in where the visitors to our classroom website. I wanted a way to learn about our visitors and make the process simple for me and for them. I searched for weeks looking for a solution and then I came across ZeeMaps.

I experimented with it for a day or so and finally made a map that would work for my needs. I sent out my map to a bunch of teachers and posted it on a few education websites. The response has been wonderful.

I have visitors posting from all over. My students are learning so much about the many different locations and the people who live there.

I just wanted to say thanks.
William C., USA
Wow ... I just saw the options for creating maps ... housing and websites. Great stuff! I'm sure you have lots of plans for other map-types. Many possibilities. I was a Geography major in college, with a focus on cartography and aerial photography, so I dig good mapping tools!
Peter S., USA
I love your service and use it when I travel. I work for a non-profit, so I upload donors I want to visit and plan my trip with the visual cues on the map. It works great.
Rev. Bryson, KY, USA
I uploaded a file containing almost 50,000 locations, and it runs and looks great. Thanks guys!
Brandon, USA
The choice of a route or straight line between destinations really enhances the usefulness of my site. My members can see where they've been and calculate the actual number of miles they traveled.
K. Willamson, USA
I love the mapping solution -- it's awesome!
E. Hold, USA
I have been working on a website for a Singapore company who recently asked me to create an interactive mapping element for their use. I wanted you to know that I was really quite thrilled when I found your website today.

The program works quite well, even when I don't have specifics on a location address. I rather quickly put together a contact map that I've uploaded to a test web page for evaluation. So, I just wanted to thank you for offering this service.
J. Brady, Jacksonville, FL, USA.
It's great for my users to have a visual of where everyone is now, 20 years after we graduated from high school, and it's sparked some reconnections that probably wouldn't have happened otherwise. Several of my classmates have ended up within miles of each other across the country, but didn't know it until they saw it on the map.

Another person I know is planning to create a map to show where his clients are located and place it on his website. It's a great app, very effective.
J. Darbyshire, USA.
Beautiful job with Zeemaps! Looks very interesting. Thank you for a very nice tool.
Ben, USA.
About two months ago there was a brief discussion [ in this forum ] on maps to show listings. I've continued to work with the folks at Zeemaps and now have updated software which works pretty well for us. It's not completely automatic yet but takes me 5-10 minutes a day to keep updated. I find the daily updating a plus since it makes me aware of changes in the MLS.

We've also started making up individual maps for clients to keep tabs of the listings they are interested in. These work pretty well and are quick to set up with MLS numbers. You can also add non-listed properties, or landmarks readily.

All in all we have been happy with this product and have had positive feedback from our clients.
Gerald Smith, Vermont, USA
You rock. I love the sort by color feature. It's working well. Thanks a lot.
Ashley, USA.
ZeeMaps is downright dazzling. Good job! I'm a bit of an interface geek, and I love it.
Tony Wright, Alaska, USA.
This is a great application! To my knowledge the most functional of all that I've looked at. I've been taking bids from vendors for over three years to be able to provide this level of mapping service to our studios, but it was not affordable for us as we are a small non-profit.

Most of the companies I discovered offering a multi-point mapping solution are lead and marketing companies, demographics companies offering to profile a company's existing customers for them and municipalities, etc. mapping their own internal resources. (man-hole covers, fire-hydrants, telephone poles, etc.) ZeeMaps offers a subset of that same functionality in an easy to use application that is quite impressive. The radius search and map select function for placing a marker at any location is GREAT!
P. Duncan, USA.
Our map depicts where each of our classmates from the Bentley High School Class of 1958 in Livonia, Michigan, currently reside. Everyone loved it. Thanks for providing the vehicle to do it.
J. Hughes, Maryland, USA.
I'm sold on the ease of ZeeMaps. I looked at every possible map builder tool on Google Maps Mania.
S. Furushiro, California, USA
This is really excellent. It works even better than I had hoped!
D. Poggi, USA.
Your site is amazing, I wish I had known about it months ago. I did enjoy learning how to access the Google maps API myself, but your site is so much more convenient. I was amazed at the import CSV feature, even more when I imported 300+ icons and 10 mins later refreshed the map and they all displayed!
B. Bakelaar, Piscataway, NJ, USA.