Map with Markers on the Same Location

Sometimes you may have a map with markers on the same location, e.g., different offices in the same building. When we plot the markers for such maps, the multiple markers stack on top of each other, so it is hard to understand that there are multiple markers in the same location.
We’ve introduced a new mechanism that will label multiple markers on the same location with English alphabets: A, B, C, etc. When you see marker with an alphabet letter on it, you’ll know that there are multiple markers in that location.
When you click on the topmost location, the markers will cycle through so that the next click will bring up the marker below.
For example, the following map has a couple of locations with multiple markers. You can click through them to see how the markers change.

The labels are added when you set the Settings -> Markers -> Label overlapping markers option in your map.
The labeling works only with the normal size Google Maps teardrop markers. If you have customized your map with special marker icons, or set the map to show small markers, the labeling won’t work in those cases.
This is also an easy way of determining if you’ve accidentally mapped the same location multiple times.
You can remove the labeling by dragging-and-dropping the topmost markers to tease them slightly apart.
Here’s a short video showing how to get the markers to rotate.

7 thoughts on “Map with Markers on the Same Location”

  1. What do you do when the address is the same, but a marker doesn’t have an associated letter? I have A, B, and C, and then added another marker with the same address, but it doesn’t have a D on it.

    1. Sorry for the delay, we seemed to have missed your comment. Hope this is still relevant.
      Refresh your map to see if the pins get labelled properly. Sometimes, if you just added a pin, it might not get added to the stack for numbering.

    1. Hi Linh,
      Use the Map -> Marker Icons menu item to replace the default marker icons for any colored marker with your own icon.

  2. Hi Lon, We’ve added a short video showing how to rotate through the markers. Make sure you click on a marker to see its information bubble, then close the information bubble.
    Let us know if it still doesn’t work for you.

  3. I don’t get it, i’ve got this enabled – but where exactly is ‘the topmost location’? I see the letter, and i’ve clicked everywhere and don’t see it cycling through the other markers at that location.

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