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Create a Large Poster Map with ZeeMaps

In the following video, we show the steps to create a 4 feet by 4 feet customized poster map with ZeeMaps, suitable for printing and hanging on walls, etc. As with any map images, you need to experiment a bit with the map area and size to get the image that you want. For world […]

Map with Markers on the Same Location

Sometimes you may have a map with markers on the same location, e.g., different offices in the same building. When we plot the markers for such maps, the multiple markers stack on top of each other, so it is hard to understand that there are multiple markers in the same location. We’ve introduced a new […]

Better maps in mobile browsers!

Happy New Year! ZeeMaps now has significantly improved map display in smartphones and tablets. Point your mobile browser to your map URL, and a specially crafted simpler mobile map will show. (Try our sample map.) In tablets, there is an option to see the full map, in case you need to make additions or changes […]

Numbered markers in print images.

ZeeMaps now supports numbered markers in print images. When you get a print image, using the Print or Share → JPEG Image or Print or Share → PDF Image, you can select a checkbox to number the markers in the image. There is an additional charge of $9.95 for numbering markers in an image. As […]