Free maps are changing

When ZeeMaps started out in August of 2005, we wanted to keep things free of charge as much as possible. We’ve done pretty well with this, but the time has come where we have no choice but to make some changes. We have grown and there are thousands of maps being created each day. Whilst this is great news, it makes it impractical for us to keep offering a free service when we have to pay for the maps on a per-visit basis. That’s why we are changing the way in which our free maps can be viewed.

100 views on free maps

Therefore, as of 1st April 2018, ZeeMaps will limit the number of views on free maps to 100. (Free maps means maps that are not owned by an active paid plan). When you reach 100 views, your map will ‘freeze’ and it can only be unfrozen by upgrading to a paid subscription plan.

How to upgrade your account 

If you are currently on the Basic (free) plan and want uninterrupted service, please upgrade to a paid plan before April 1st. To upgrade your account, first click the ‘Sign-In’ link on the top right of the homepage and enter your login information. Next, click on your name/email in the top right-hand corner and select ‘Account’.

Free Maps Account Management
Free Maps Account Management

The tabs at the top of your account page allow you to manage and upgrade your subscriptions; manage users; and manage the cards you use to pay – among other things.
If you created a free map without registering, you’ll have to Sign-Up in order to upgrade your account. Select the ‘Sign-Up’ link on the top right of the homepage to get started, then follow the instructions from there.
Contact us if you have any questions or need any assistance – we’re always happy to help. And thanks for your patience and understanding.

30 thoughts on “Free maps are changing

  • Florence Ochola says:


    I am unable to get the map now, will get back to it with some help later, for now, I really want to continue.
    Kind regards,

  • Mickael Dang says:

    I can’t open the link, it says that the map is frozen. What should I do ?
    Thank you in advance,

    • Hi Mickael,

      You’ll need to upgrade the account to one of the paid plans for the map to be active after 100 views.

  • ruth roberts says:

    I think its a shame that free maps have finished – 100 views is not much. But my maps would never have enough views to warrant paying the $20 a month. It would be good if you could either give more free map views (say 1000 instead of 100) or else have a much cheaper monthly version for little used maps.

    • Hi Ruth,

      Our hands are tied, as every time someone views a map, we have to pay Google for their maps.

      That said, we do offer some discount for non-profit, personal and educational use.

      Please send us a message to and we can review your use for discount.


    • Can you please give more details of the map you are searching for? Thanks.

      ¿Puede dar más detalles del mapa que está buscando? Gracias.

    • Hi Eugene,

      The owner of the map needs to sign-up for one of our paid plans, as we limit the number of views on free maps to 100.


    • Hi Anshu,

      The map may not be in your account. It needs to be owned by an account that has a paid plan. In case you are the owner, please contact us and we can move the map to your account.

  • Hola Yo tambien estoy en el mismo problema, no puedo obtener el mapa espero de su pronta respuesta, porque me interesa continuar en el curso que me anote.
    Saludos muchas gracias. Vanina.

    • Hola Vanina, ¿puedes enviarnos un enlace al mapa para que podamos guiarte mejor? El propietario del mapa debe registrarse en un plan pago. Gracias.

  • “Maximum visits allowed for maps without a paid plan is 100 visits.”
    Bonjour , voila le message que j’ai eu quand j’ai voulu ouvrir la page dont vous indiquer
    , Je sis dans un pays où on nous n’avons pas l’ euro et nous pouvons pas les moyens pour échanger avec les applications comme le paiement électronique , le Paypal , les carte google play et tous ,
    C’est vrai que je suis interessé au cous et je vous remercie pour les efforts
    Mais si j’ ai les moyens , j’aurai choisir l’offre premium pas le free
    Merci d’être comprehensif et y’ a t’il une solution pour je puisse avoir cette carte (map) free et aussi où je vais envoyer la presentation que vous demander et merci

    • Bonjour, Please send us a link to the map and we can investigate.

      Bonjour, Veuillez nous envoyer un lien vers la carte et nous pourrons enquêter.

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