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Lock zoom levels on maps

ZeeMaps allows you to lock the zoom levels on your interactive maps. Use the Map -> Settings menu item to get to the settings page, and then click on the tab for “Map Display”. Select the minimum and maximum zoom levels, and hit Save Changes. Go back to the map, and you’ll notice that the […]

Map Pins with Labels

You can label your map pins, using up to three characters from a field value on your map. For example, you can label your map pins with store numbers, for a store locator map. First, create a map with your location list. Make sure you have one of the data fields that contains the labels […]

Postcode Finder for Australia, Interactive

We’ve added the ability to highlight and find postcodes in Australia. You can highlight postcodes, or find postcodes that are within a specific area on the map. “Postcodes are used in Australia to sort and send mail to the correct address. All postcodes in Australia have four digits and are placed at the end of the address. […]

Driving Directions using Search on a Mobile Map

ZeeMaps allows you to search your pinned locations on mobile phones. This can be specifically handy if you are looking to get driving directions to your pins that satisfy a certain criteria, e.g., locate all the Gold customers in your vicinity and get driving directions to them. First create the map on ZeeMaps, then add […]