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Displace Markers to reduce clutter

Sometimes map markers (pins) can get cluttered on the map if they are too close to each other. Other times markers can overlap, causing just the top one to be visible. We’ve added the ability to “Displace Markers”, that allows you to un-clutter close or overlapping markers. To displace a marker, click on the marker […]

Remove local business listings from maps

Google Maps often display local business listings. When you are searching for local businesses, this can be a useful feature. At other times, however, the business pointers can clutter the map, or worst show competitor’s business on your map! For example, in the following map of a block around our offices, several businesses are listed, […]

Enable Scroll Wheel Zoom and MouseOver for Information Bubble

We have added  a couple of new features to ZeeMaps: Enable scroll-wheel zoom, and Mouse-over to open information bubble for markers. These features are not enabled by default. To enable them, use the Settings → Display or the Settings → Markers menu items.

Marker Groups and Sub-Groups

ZeeMaps allows you to sub-group your markers. For example, suppose we have two major groups of markers: Bars and Restaurants, and Hotels, with several sub-groups defining the kind of Bars, Restaurants, and Hotels. Rather than display all sub-groups of Bars and Restaurants and Hotels as one long list each, we can define sub-groups for Bars […]