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Remove local business listings from maps

Google Maps often display local business listings. When you are searching for local businesses, this can be a useful feature. At other times, however, the business pointers can clutter the map, or worst show competitor’s business on your map! For example, in the following map of a block around our offices, several businesses are listed, […]

Enable Scroll Wheel Zoom and MouseOver for Information Bubble

We have added  a couple of new features to ZeeMaps: Enable scroll-wheel zoom, and Mouse-over to open information bubble for markers. These features are not enabled by default. To enable them, use the Settings → Display or the Settings → Markers menu items.

Marker Groups and Sub-Groups

ZeeMaps allows you to sub-group your markers. For example, suppose we have two major groups of markers: Bars and Restaurants, and Hotels, with several sub-groups defining the kind of Bars, Restaurants, and Hotels. Rather than display all sub-groups of Bars and Restaurants and Hotels as one long list each, we can define sub-groups for Bars […]

To speed-up maps with many entries, start map with no markers!

With a new feature in ZeeMaps, you can set your map to display with no initial markers. Use the menu item Settings->Display and then check the box that says On initial map display, do not show markers that have a legend entry (Fast!)” This will result in a map that does not show any markers […]