US Map – Get Map of USA Images using ZeeMaps

You can get US Map images from ZeeMaps in different sizes and resolutions, e.g., to print out a wall-poster, or include in a PowerPoint slide.
On your interactive map in ZeeMaps, click the Print or Share -> PDF/PNG Image menu item to get the dialog to customize your image.

Print Image menu item and customization dialog
Dialog to customize your print image in ZeeMaps

The first option in the customization dialog is for selecting the “Geography” of your image. This allows you to choose from one of the following options:

  • Cover Markers – include all the pins or markers that are placed on the map
  • Map View – use whatever is visible in the map window currently
  • Select Area – select an area of the map using a rectangle
  • US Map- make a US Map (possibly with Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska included)
  • World Map – map of the world

US Map of Used Computer Stores

Select the option for “US Map” to get an image of a US Map with all your customizations overlay’d on it. For example, here’s an image generated from our Used Computer Stores map, with Alaska and Hawaii excluded:

US Map of Used Computer Stores
US Map of Used Computer Stores

We can also generate a US Map image with Alaska and Hawaii included:
US Map of Used Computer Stores with Alaska and Hawaii
US Map of Used Computer Stores with Alaska and Hawaii

The images are available as a political map with state boundaries, or as a satellite map:
US Map of Used Computer Stores, Satellite Version
US Map of Used Computer Stores, Satellite Version

Finally, if you want, you can highlight certain regions on the map, e.g., below we highlight California and Texas:
Map of USA with States Highlighted
Map of USA with States Highlighted

In this post, we’ve shown a limited set of samples of US Map generated with ZeeMaps. The image customization dialog contains a whole other set of customizations, e.g., selecting the type of markers on the map, the size and resolution of the image, whether you want the markers labeled or not. We invite you to experiment with the myriad of options and contact us in case you need some assistance.

World Map

You can easily get a customized world map image with  ZeeMaps.

Click on Map to get larger poster sized image
Click on Map to get larger poster sized image

First, create a map using the “Create a Free Map” button on the ZeeMaps site.
Use the Additions -> Add Marker menu items on your map to add your own locations to your new map. You can also add multiple locations in batch by using the spreadsheet uploads options.
If you want to highlight certain countries, states, etc., use the Additions -> Highlight Regions menu item.
Once you have your customizations done, you can get a world map by using the Print or Share -> World Map Image menu item, which will bring up a customization dialog:

Customize Image
Customize your World Map image

Use this customization dialog to customize your image, e.g., set the size, resolution, kind of markers (pins) to show your location, etc. Experiment with different customizations by hitting the Preview button. Once you’re satisfied with the Preview, enter your payment information and hit Order.
The image of a world map will be generated and stored on our servers. You’ll get a link to download the image. Remember the link URL in case you want to retrieve the image later.
Here another world map of the image at the top of this post, as a regular map instead of a satellite image.
Click on image to get the poster-sized map
Click on image to get the poster-sized map

Displace Markers to reduce clutter

Sometimes map markers (pins) can get cluttered on the map if they are too close to each other. Other times markers can overlap, causing just the top one to be visible.
We’ve added the ability to “Displace Markers”, that allows you to un-clutter close or overlapping markers.
To displace a marker, click on the marker to show the information bubble. Then, click on the first icon to the right bottom of the information bubble. (You must be admin, or have added the marker, to see the icons on the right bottom of the information bubble.)

Displace Marker
Displace Marker Icon

A small window with the buttons “Done” and “Cancel” will appear, and you’ll be able to drag-and-drop the marker to a displaced location. A thin black pointer will point to the original location of the marker, so you know the actual geo-position.
After dragging-and-dropping the marker to a displaced location, if you click on the “Done” button, the marker will be displaced both in the interactive version of the map, and the static images. If you click on the “Cancel” button, the marker will be re-positioned at its original location.
In the above map, we had two overlapping markers. We displaced the top one, to get the following map:
Two overlapping markers separated
Two overlapping markers separated

Getting more detailed map images

One of the common questions that we get is how to increase the map details in images obtained through the Print or Share -> PDF/PNG Image menu.
We’ve now added a “Set Scale” option to the image dialog, as shown in the picture below.

Set Scale
Set Scale for map images

As you slide the scale slider to the right, you should get progressively more detailed image for your map. Please note that you have to check the box for “Set Scale” for the scale slider to have any effect on your image. The scale setting is not available for world map images.
As you get more details, the map area covered by the same image size will naturally decrease. So, you might have to increase the image size, using the “Size” option to get more map area. Use one of the standard sizes, or you can also specify a custom size (in inches) using the “Custom” option.
Set a custom size for map image
Set a custom size for map image

As an example, we generated a half-letter map image from the map: Parks in San Francisco, as shown below.
Parks in San Francisco

We wanted a bit more details in the map, so I shifted the scale slider two notches to the right to get another image, which is much more detailed than the previous one. I had to increase the size of the image to Letter from Half-Letter as otherwise the detailed map would not fit.
Detailed view of Parks in San Francisco

Shifting the scale one more notch, we get this image:
More detailed map image for Parks in San Francisco