Welcome to the ZeeMaps World of Maps

Map making is an ancient art and science, dependent on complex mathematics, cartography, and surveying.

In the early days, specialized cartographers hand-made maps, based on calculations and data available through enormous hard work and labor.

With modern technology, anyone, with only a basic understanding of computers, can make and use customized maps, adding to the world of maps.

Our goal at ZeeMaps is to provide you with the simplest mechanisms to create your own customized maps with minimal effort. We give you options such as crowd-sourcing map data, or directly uploading and synchronizing from spreadsheets. You can use maps created with ZeeMaps in the myriad ways that people have traditionally used maps, or put them to more innovative use with the new technology and all that it entails, e.g., get a visceral sense of location data, convey geographical reach to colleagues, friends, customers, search through a prospects list, and so forth. We provide you with the technology to create maps — what you do with it is up to you.

ZeeMaps is used by tens of thousands of users daily to create thousands of maps.

We are usually not aware of the maps in our world of maps, unless someone notifies us through an email, or a support call. Sometimes a map comes to our attention when it gains prominence in the social web.

In the maps gallery, we’ve pulled together maps that highlight different capabilities of ZeeMaps, or demonstrate use cases that might not be otherwise obvious. This is an ongoing effort. We’ll add more maps to this gallery as we discover interesting samples.

If you’ve made an exciting map, or have seen one, please let us know through the comments and we’ll review it for the gallery.

We are constantly working to improve ZeeMaps to make it more useful and easier to use. If there’s something that you’d like us to add to ZeeMaps, or modify, tell us.


191 thoughts on “Welcome to the ZeeMaps World of Maps”

  1. Cassie Scrivener

    I am interested in using your site to create a map outlining our collection drive locations. However, our sites all have different start and end dates. Is there any option to enter a date range for posted locations?

    1. Hi Cassie,

      Apologies for the delayed response. We do not have date ranges, but maybe there is another way we can handle your data. I’ll send you a direct message as well.

  2. Hi! I previously made a map but hadn’t created an account yet. Now that I do have an account, I can no longer edit the markers on the other map. Is it possible for me to regain control over this map or should I just make a new one?

  3. Under a geotagged content, can its content display more pictures and audios? Is this service available for paid users?

    1. Turns out we have a limit of 1 photo and 1 audio file per pin. For more pictures and sounds, perhaps you can add a link to a repository that users can follow.

  4. So i have a question what does Free, with 100 lifetime views/map means. Does it mean that i can only view my map 100 times and that’s it or 100 time per/day/month?

    1. I apologize for the late reply. The views are total for a map since it was created. They are not monthly or yearly views.

      1. Hi Joshua,

        I apologize for the delay. I have sent you a direct message, and will be glad to set up a demonstration call at your convenience.

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