Welcome to the ZeeMaps World of Maps

Map making is an ancient art and science, dependent on complex mathematics, cartography, and surveying.

In the early days, specialized cartographers hand-made maps, based on calculations and data available through enormous hard work and labor.

With modern technology, anyone, with only a basic understanding of computers, can make and use customized maps, adding to the world of maps.

Our goal at ZeeMaps is to provide you with the simplest mechanisms to create your own customized maps with minimal effort. We give you options such as crowd-sourcing map data, or directly uploading and synchronizing from spreadsheets. You can use maps created with ZeeMaps in the myriad ways that people have traditionally used maps, or put them to more innovative use with the new technology and all that it entails, e.g., get a visceral sense of location data, convey geographical reach to colleagues, friends, customers, search through a prospects list, and so forth. We provide you with the technology to create maps — what you do with it is up to you.

ZeeMaps is used by tens of thousands of users daily to create thousands of maps.

We are usually not aware of the maps in our world of maps, unless someone notifies us through an email, or a support call. Sometimes a map comes to our attention when it gains prominence in the social web.

In the maps gallery, we’ve pulled together maps that highlight different capabilities of ZeeMaps, or demonstrate use cases that might not be otherwise obvious. This is an ongoing effort. We’ll add more maps to this gallery as we discover interesting samples.

If you’ve made an exciting map, or have seen one, please let us know through the comments and we’ll review it for the gallery.

We are constantly working to improve ZeeMaps to make it more useful and easier to use. If there’s something that you’d like us to add to ZeeMaps, or modify, tell us.


188 thoughts on “Welcome to the ZeeMaps World of Maps

  • Hi! I previously made a map but hadn’t created an account yet. Now that I do have an account, I can no longer edit the markers on the other map. Is it possible for me to regain control over this map or should I just make a new one?

    • Turns out we have a limit of 1 photo and 1 audio file per pin. For more pictures and sounds, perhaps you can add a link to a repository that users can follow.

  • So i have a question what does Free, with 100 lifetime views/map means. Does it mean that i can only view my map 100 times and that’s it or 100 time per/day/month?

  • I had a map with around 50 locations, which had data and locations I cannot recover and it was frozen. I can’t afford to pay for the subscription, so can I please be sent the data from the map? I don’t need the map itself, but instead the location of the pins.

  • Hello!

    I made a map https://www.zeemaps.com/map?group=3996115# around 12/16/2020 but never listed an email for the account when I made it. I wanted to go back and edit some of the pins so I made an account, but lack an admin password due to my earlier blunder before. Is there a way that I could gain ownership of this map once more? I can provide screenshot evidence that it is me who made it for a writing community I am in.

  • Hi,

    Andy here. Is it possible to add price (in dollar figures) to a map regions/boundary? I am trying to find a cost effective solution for my client who needs a map platform to create regional boundaries with pricing attached to each of the regions.

  • Hi i have uploaded my locations, and have assigned a colour to each client group. on the list that comes up with each icon no and name of location , is there any why i can add the colour marker beside each item on the list. as i cant seem to find where i can show the legend of the colours easily

    • Hi Karen,

      Please go to the Map -> Settings menu, and then on the resulting page go to the List View tab. There, un-check the box for “Do not show list as a tree”. Hit Save Changes and go back to the map. Now the list should be categorized by color.

      To add a legend, use the Map -> Legend menu item.

  • Thank you for your great work!
    But may I ask – is there an option to change the language-layout of the map?
    I am from Austria – and the map shows up in German.
    But I want the map international – so – English would be fine.
    With best regards.

    • Hi there,

      The language of the map depends on the browser’s language setting. Change the language of the browser setting to English, and see if it shows in English.

      • Dear @ZeeMaps – thx for the fast reply.
        I have changed the browser’s laguage aswell as the google maps language into Englisch but the map is still shown up in German. I have generated a new map to with the same result. Any idea?
        Btw. this leads me to the next question:
        If I share the interactive map with my friends in US – will they see the map
        in English (because of the browser they are using) or do they see what I see – the German (languaged) map.
        Thx in advance for your help!

        • Please check with other browsers and see if it helps. If you can send us the link, we can try from here and let you know.

          • Looks like Google maps is setting the language depending on the country that you are looking at, so it does show Austria’s sites in German. Doesn’t look like there’s a way of change it.

          • Thank you for all your efforts!
            I run a test with another browser (and Google account) and as you mentioned the map appears in English (followed the invitation interactive link for other people).
            So everything is fine.
            Keep on with your great work;
            best regards, TOSO

    • That map is a Google Map, created with Google My Maps. Please contact the person who helped create the map, or click on the “Report a Problem” link at the right bottom of the map.

  • Syed Zahidul Islam says:

    Hi ZeeMaps,

    How can I join the live interaction with other participants? Since I have create a group how I can lobbied to join in my group? please suggest me

    • Hi Syed,

      Not sure if we can help. You can pin your location on a map, but for group participation you’ll need to contact your group.

  • I want to use Zeemaps for a fencing company, can we upload photos to the file..more than one? Also, what pricing plan do I need to have with 5 users needing access?

    • Hi Lisa,

      You can add one photo per pin. If you need the other users to just access the map, while one user manages maps, then the Professional Plan should be okay, depending on how many pins you want to put on each map. The Professional Plan allow up to 2500 pins per map.

      In case you need more than one user to create and manage different maps, then the Enterprise plan may be more applicable.

      If you want we can discuss this over a quick phone call, and schedule a demonstration over screen share.

  • Are there any discounts for non-profit usage? I set up a map to help protesters in Sudan who need help locating safe zones to move to and from a large sit-in area in Khartoum. I subscribed to a paid account, but it seems there are too many people using the map, is there a way it can be exempt from the 1000 limit? Here is the Map https://www.zeemaps.com/map?group=3393199

    • Hi Samir,

      Our apologies, we seemed to have missed this comment. Yes, we do offer a non-profit discount. Please contact us at support at zeemaps.com and we’ll work with you.

  • Hi, I recommended your maps to a facebook group I am on, as we wanted to map locations of members to help plan meet ups etc, however it was a while ago I had used your maps and I hadn’t realised they were no longer free. I can understand you having to charge businesses for the use of this and I really just wanted to ask if there was the possibility of an option for groups such as ours that are free of charge and not huge groups, we are purely for friendship and advice on our make of car and really found the map useful and engaging for those in the group who saw it, in the very brief time it was available. Even a temporary un-freeze would help to give us time to demonstrate how useful the map would be for us all and perhaps generate some donations towards the annual cost?

    • Hi Emma,

      Turns out our hands are tied, as our mapping service provider raised the fees on us, so offering a free solution is no longer an option.

      Our first plan starts at $19.95 per month or $199.95 a year.

      That said, we are exempting some of the maps based on usage and requirements. Please send me a link to the map and we might be able to exempt it from the limits.

      Thanks for your patience.

    • Hi Rich,

      Since your map was created a while back and is for personal use with not many visits, we’ve added it to our exempt list.

      Look for it to be operational in an hour or so.

      Thanks for your patience.

  • Two questions regarding 100 views:

    1. Do you count my own clicks/views from my password account? I am the admin and must access the map to edit it. I will certainly be on it a lot.

    2. How will I know the number of views I have had on my map? Do you email reports to me regularly, or is there a way I can check that somewhere myself?

    Thank you for your help.

    • 1. We do not count the clicks or views separately, but they do add to the total.

      2. You can see the number of views or clicks on your My Maps page, under the Owned tab. Make sure you adjust the counter dates above the list, as we count the views cumulatively from April 1, 2018.

  • Kris Vandenberghe says:


    I did start a map for owners of a Kawasaki W motorcycle. There are approximately 400 entries form all around the globe. It has been frozen for a while, but regularly someone asks me to unfreeze it.
    I now checked again, but though the cost of around $200.00 is understandable, it is still too high for us. I noticed that you are “grandfathering” some maps, so I was wondering if you could do that for us as well.
    I am by no means specialised in IT-trickery, but could there be a possibility for us to collect all the data from the map somehow?
    Anyway, I am already grateful for the map as it was, but asking doesn’t hurt, does it?

    Kris Vandenberghe

    • Our maps are free for trial purposes, or if you need a quick map for limited views. Once a map reaches 100 views it needs to belong to a paid plan for continued operation.

  • I can’t seem to add my location to one of your maps used by a Group I’m a member of on Facebook… there’s nothing that I can see that allows me to add myself with an icon or pinpoint. Thanks

  • This morning I made an entry and everything was fine, afternoon they called me because the map is blocked ….
    I have not been warned about this, now I will lose all the data entered.
    I’ll have to look for another free service.

    • Hi Giuseppe,

      Our apologies that this caught you by surprise. Please send us a link to the map and we’ll see if we can temporarily un-freeze it for you.

  • I guess we didn’t know that our free map for a forum of very ill people supporting each other, would be frozen when it reached a certain amount of views. 🙁

    Is there any discount plan for non profits that offer support to sick people?

    • Hi JoAnne, can you send us a link to the map (support@zeemaps.com). We are grandfathering some maps based on usage and views. Your map might qualify.

  • We created a number of maps in 2014 so that group members of different yahoo groups of hobbyist’s could share their locations with each other. This fortunately has led to people realizing that they were in the same area and getting together. One of the maps we created has 265 members on it and all of a sudden with no warning it was frozen.

    As the map owner, there was no indication to us that there was a change in the way the maps would work or that charges were being implemented.

    Now it appears that the maps may be abandoned as these are for hobby based groups, where no one is collecting or charging funds and $200.00 per year is not justifiable.

    • Hi Walter,

      We sent out an email in March, you probably did not get it. Given that your map is low volume and was created a while back, we are going to grandfather it in so it will no longer have limits on views. Please check back for it to be alive later today.

      • Walter Townsend says:

        Map is still frozen. The one that we are having a problem with is the Boxford Lathe Owners Map, but I am sure that the other maps will eventually follow suit. Thanks


        • Hi Walter,

          Can you double-check the map URL that you are using. I just checked, and the map is working from here.

    • Gerald Newbrook says:

      Thank you for re-instating the Boxford Lathe Owners map. I have found several new friends, men who live quite near to me who added their pins. We are a ‘hobby’ group interested in doing metalwork and as most of our number are retired, our hobby keeps us active, both with our hands and, hopefully, our minds too.

  • Ok guys pat yourselves on the back !! After 100’s of hours inputting my data into the free map, on the 8th April you freeze my map. Effectively leaving me with no option of retrieving my data, other than shelling out $200 per year for a non profit group, with a mere 600 pins placed on the map. 48hrs later and 2 emails you have just ignored my plight. So disappointed with how you have implemented your changes . . Stay well clear !!

    • Hi David, thanks for the feedback but perhaps you should have looked at your emails first:-) Moments before you posted your comment on this forum, we did send you a note that your map has been grandfathered. As you can imagine, we’ve got quite a few emails to sort through. Thanks for your patience.

      • Well thank you very much for your swift reply to my post on here, and ultimately resolving my problem. We are very grateful, as I said in my first email ZeeMaps has been a great tool. P.s I did check my emails minutes before making the comment above and did allow 48hrs for you to reply. Thank you once again

  • Jerry Lyver says:

    WOW.. we hit almost 13,000 pins in our map and growing.. and zeemaps decides to lock us out in order to extort large amounts of money from us on monthly fees.. total ripoff.. what was free is now going to cost us about 2 grand a year.. and they haven’t responded to our enquiries,,looking at other options now.. zeemaps is no longer worth it.. look elsewhere.

    • Hi Jerry, thank you for being a loyal ZeeMaps user.

      As we mention in our recent blog post, since we pay our service providers for each map visit, and with the large number of maps that we are now serving, it is impossible for us to keep providing the service for no charge. Our Professional Plan costs $19.95 per month or $199.95 a year. So, the cost of maintaining a map with ZeeMaps is not 2 grand, but $199.95 per year.

      Also, for special needs (medical, charity, etc.) with low visit volumes we are “grandfathering” maps.

    • Hi Pam,

      You can go to the map on ZeeMaps server and then use the Map -> Claim Ownership menu item to claim the map to your account.

      In case you need help, please send an email to support@zeemaps.com and we can move the map to your account.

  • I need you to create a map of the significant events developments and issues of Canada and also the political and territorial expansions of Canada from 1867 -1999 Please and could you send it completed to me by Friday or if not next Monday.

    • Hi Jack,

      Please click on the “Create a Map” button on the top right of this page, or go to the ZeeMaps main page (www.zeemaps.com) and click on the Create a Map button.

    • You can select the map row, by clicking on the row somewhere other than the map name. Then, use the Map Operations menu above and the sub-menu Delete.

      Since we limit the number of maps for the Basic plan, map deletion requires a non-Basic plan.

      In case you want us to delete a map for you, please send an email to support from the account email.

    • Hi Kory,

      If you are not seeing a map when you create a map, then something is not working correctly for you.

      Please try another browser, and if that doesn’t work give us a call at +1 408 914-2955 or contact us at support@zeemaps.com and we can work with you to fix the issue.

  • Thank you so much for this amazing mapping program!

    I created a zeemap, where in some cases, up to three markers have the same address.

    The best window pops up with some markers, where it shows how many markers are at that same location and has arrows to the next one.
    However in the same circumstance, some markers when the window pops up don’t have that same numbering & arrow option? What happens instead in this case is the marker changes it’s number to the next one at that same address.

    Looked through the options and your site and couldn’t find anything regarding this…. a glitch in the matrix?

    Thank you kindly for your time-

    • Hi Nikki,

      The multi-window only shows if the markers are exactly on top of each other. If they are even slightly apart, then the second behavior will happen where the one previously hidden will become more prominent after you see the top one.

  • The name of our map changed to ‘blauw’. I don’t know how that could happen. The name was: ‘Sasolburgers all over the world’. Can anyone change the name? And how do I change it back to the original name please?

    • Hi Margo, I’ve changed the name. You can also change it by clicking on the name while accessing the map as Admin.

  • I thought I could just do a map of just Michigan so it would center only on the state and big much bigger to tag people.I don’t want the whole USA because it makes Michigan too small. Any help?

  • I would like to be able to highlight the path or the project limits of our construction projects. Is this possible? I haven’t been able to figure it out. Ideally I’d like to click on the marker and it highlight the project limits.

    • Try the Highlight Regions to highlight a “polygon” or a “freehand” region using the Additions -> Highlight Regions menu item. The highlighted regions always show, so perhaps you can use different colors to associate them with different pins.

  • I use the maps to pinpoint the location of our construction projects so I can see them at once. It would be helpful to see the county lines when I zoom in or out. I clicked the box in settings but still don’t see them. The county lines would be very helpful.

    • Hi, You can use our Highlighting Regions feature to highlight the counties (without fill) and that will show just the boundaries. To highlight counties, use the menu item Additions -> Highlight Regions -> Counties on your map.

  • Hello — I’m curious if ZeeMaps can be translated into other languages? Are there any examples of non-English speaking communities using ZeeMaps as a crowdsourced map? Any thoughts about doing this would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    • Hi Kate,

      Sorry for the delay. We were caught up in some server issues. We do have some Spanish and Russian communities using ZeeMaps for crowdsourcing. Typically they publish the map with an Add button on their own website. The Add dialog is somewhat customizable to different languages. Send us a DM at support@zeemaps.com in case this will work for you and we can work with you on the dialog customizations that you need.

      • Thank you! I will play around with customizing the Add dialog and will DM you with any questions I have. Really appreciate the response and this tool!

  • I’m looking for a map that I can add to a page on my website. I want users to be able to add their location manually. The map will show where everyone that belong to my project is located. I use wordpress. Does zeemaps do this?

    • Hi Richard,

      Yes, you should be able to this with ZeeMaps. Create a map and then use the Print or Share -> Publish in Website menu item on the map to get the code to publish the map on your website. Make sure you check the box for “Allow Additions” when getting the publish code.

      If you want to moderate additions, use the Map -> Settings menu to get to the settings page and then use the Additions tab to set the setting for: New entries must be approved by map Admins.

    • Hi,

      Please create a map, and then enter Barisal City, Bangladesh, in the small “Go to…” input control towards the right in the menu bar above the map.

      That should take the map to Barisal. Then, you can use the Print or Share -> PDF/PNG Image menu item on the map to get an image.

  • We are in the process of creating a print Resource book for a particular area, and would like to have the centerfold as a map locating the various event facilities, would this be the program to use? Not sure how to mark the various facilities in print rather than web. We may eventually want to add it to our website, possibly have our advertisers posted on the map?

    • Hi Nancy,

      Once you create a map you can use the Print or Share -> PDF/PNG Image menu item to get an image in high resolution, and custom size, for your map.

      Let us know if we can provide more details.

  • I have used this for work purposes. I had to sort over 30 locations around London for site visits. I dont know the area very well , zeemap – you saved me hours of planning! Plus i could email the map to the drivers with colour coded groups of locations. Fantastic!!!

  • On behalf of the stewards and patrons of Lincoln, Nebraska’s Little Free Libraries I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful free mapping service. You’ve helped us grow the Little Free Library phenomenon and literacy in Lincoln more than you could ever know.
    Our ZeeMap: http://bit.ly/1nnFHYI

  • Brilliant service – fair pricing.

    I tried mapbox but it was a bit techy/dev focused. For a mid-level web admin like me, this is ideal. Its feature loaded and serves my exact purpose. The initial feedback from my site users is positive.
    Its always refreshing to find a functioning, bug free, user friendly solution to a problem I’ve been trying to overcome for some months.

    Great work Zee Maps.

    World Floor Plans

  • My daughter has cancer. I would like to publish a map to Facebook that show/allow “friends” who are praying for her to pin their location. Also can they pin their location and possibly add a comment to their pin?

    • Hi, Please create a map with ZeeMaps and then use the Print or Share -> Publish in Website to get code to add to Facebook to publish the map allowing additions.

  • Hi, the maps are the same whether you sign-up for the Basic or Professional plans. It is only what kind of tools you have at your disposal to create and modify the maps that is different for the different plans.

  • I just want to say, this is an awesome site! I’ve made a meetup map for members of MLP Forums. The purpose of the map is to provide an easy to use, central location for members to find each other and arrange meetups. It eliminates the need for members to create individual “Is there anyone living in ‘x’?” threads. It also gives us forum staff an additional form of member statistics by providing a general geographic picture of where our members are located. I don’t really care whether our map is added to the gallery or not because it’s really only useful for members of the forums, but I just wanted to tell you guys how useful it is to us.

  • I paid for an addition of upload adds to 1,000. I uploaded a spreadsheet but need to delete the upload and start over. It tells me to upgrade my account. Please help me figure out how to delete and start over. Thank you. Molly

  • Hi there i wana create a map of armenian republic that includs directions of the roads and main touristic plces but im mixed up and dont know how to do that , could u pleas help me to figure it out

  • Hi Rebecca,

    The labels depend on the size of the image that you order. In case the labels do not show in the selected size, try a bigger size using the Custom size option. (You can always print it at a smaller size).

    Give us a call at (408) 914-2955 and we can work with you to get the appropriate image.


  • Rebecca Veen says:

    I am trying to get the pdf of my map. I would like the world map but when i choose that option it does not label the countries. I want a poster size(24 x 36) as i will be sending the image to a graphics company so they can print me a poster. Can you please let me know if I can do that in the normal options or if i have to speak to someone?

  • Hi Guys … I have a map with 59 people on there of the Biofeedback Therapy practitioners worldwide … there are many more to add and this will take us over the 100 pins on the map.
    I got your email about 100 being the limit and not sure if I misunderstand … then on your Pricing it says Unlimited … but uploads are limited to 100.

    What are UPLOADS ??? vs Pins

    • Hi Chistine,

      The limit of 100 only applies if you are adding locations through spreadsheet uploads. If you are adding locations one-by-one, using the Additions -> Add Marker (Simple or Detailed), then the limits do not apply and you can have unlimited pins on the map.


      • i dont think that is true as i only have 15 pins and now my map is froze because it was visited over 100 times… NOT pinned or marked… Im on Social security I cant afford 100 bucks a month for a map.. or 995.99 a year.. omgawd… this map WAS going to be very helpful for me on disability… now… its FROZE i cant even see it.. “confused”

  • Hi Patricia,

    Use the Print or Share menu and then either the Share Link/URLs or the Publish in website sub-menus to get URLs for sharing the map. Send us mail at support at zeemaps dot com for more details.

  • I just wanted to ask this question :Once someone creates a map with “zeemaps”,then how do they share it,or post it to facebook,or a website ?I’m not very computer smart !
    Many Thanks !!!

  • Hi there,

    ZeeMaps is a fantastic service in a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) to show where all participants live and study.

    I’m the instructor of the iversity MOOC “Web Engineering”: https://iversity.org/courses We have about 15,000 students.

    The map https://www.zeemaps.com/map?group=721124 is very representative as 1.000 have dropped a pin to signal for all others that they are looking for classmates to form a local study group.

    Many thanks for this service!

  • Further to our original post back in June, Help From Home, http://helpfromhome.org/ has added more Zeemaps to it’s website, because we think it’s a great tool to use. They’re listed below:

    – Do Good cards: enables people to start a chain reaction of microvolunteering actions around the globe, where they can track what impact they’ve made and how far their Do-Good card has travelled

    – Micro Skills Match: enables people to offer microvolunteering skills to worthy causes, by location http://helpfromhome.org/our-projects/micro-skills-match/skills-offered and also for nonprofits to request microvolunteering skills needed, by location http://helpfromhome.org/our-projects/micro-skills-match/skills-needed

  • Playground Locator, LLC utilized zeemaps to create a map of playgrounds. The website http://www.playgroundlocator.com features playgrounds in Lancaster, York, Dauphin, Chester County, PA as well as Baltimore, MD. The users can zoom into their neighborhood and find the closest playground. This is a wonderful resource for parents and children looking for playgrounds within their local community. Zeemaps provides the capability to not only zoom in and out but also click on each playground and find directions to and from.

  • Our company’s vision is to enable peace of mind. We do this by providing a number of services to allow people to respond to emergencies to the best of their abilities. As part of this vision, we sell Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) which are life-saving devices that can restart someone’s heart once they’ve gone into cardiac arrest. Unlike the ones you see on TV, they are portable, user-friendly, and can be used by anyone – not just emergency personnel. We created this map to showcase the AEDs that have been placed by Iridia Medical over the past 15 years, 1,916 and counting. Based on our data, it’s apparent that AEDs can be found just about anywhere. The map also implies the level of importance in having an AED – even some of the smallest towns are equipped with an AED in which some have fundraised on their own or received funding through the Heart and Stroke Foundation of BC & Yukon. We hope this map will be a useful tool in encouraging organizations to implement an AED program wherever they may be.

    Check out our map here: http://www.zeemaps.com/view?group=598297&x=-118.537499&y=51.892978&z=12

  • Id like to put forward my map Irish Ancestry 1911 I have been using this to plot family members and no family members showing the distribution of the family name of Roe Rowe in the Dublin area. My method and map has also been published in a family history magazine here in the uk

  • Coalville Area Churches Map UK.
    A area network of Churches enables congregations and Christian organizations in the heart of the National Forest UK to share and work together in all areas of Christian life.

  • We are working on the world’s first international relay for GYN cancer. Right now, we are just starting so I know there is more information I can add to the Zeemaps. That said, Zeemap was a great way to show the international participants. We have 70 countries participating!!!!

  • We have created a map that is a dinning guide to Wicker Park/Bucktown neighborhoods in Chicago; our guest love the interactive design, links and short reviews available directly on the map.

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