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Adding Concentric Circles on a Radius Map

ZeeMaps makes it easy to add concentric circles on a radius map. To add your concentric circles, create your radius map, and click on the menu item Highlight Regions -> Circles. This should give you a dialog to specify your circles center, and enter multiple radiuses (separated by commas or spaces) for the circle in […]

US Zip Codes Map Update

If you’d like to make a Zip Codes Map with selected Zip Codes highlighted, please note that we’ve updated our Zip Code data to the 2014 US Postal Service routes.

Change all markers in California to Yellow in a US Map

Bulk edits of map information has a “Copy Changes” feature. Select multiple rows, make a change to one row, and then click on “Copy Changes” to make the same change to all the selected rows. For example, suppose we have a US map of locations in different states and we want to color all the […]

Highlight administrative areas in map of Australia and France

We’ve added the capability to highlight states, cities in map of Australia, and states, counties, cities in map of France. Since France does not use states, counties and cities, we’ve approximated them with Regions, Departments, and Communes, respectively. For example, to highlight the state of Queensland in map of Australia, create a map and then […]