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ZeeMaps Performance Improvements and Monitoring

To improve the performance of ZeeMaps, we’ve added some hardware and improved our software. In addition, we are making ZeeMaps performance monitoring publicly available through a third-party monitoring site (Pingdom) that you can see at: When you visit the performance overview page, click on any of the individual pages for response time metrics. This […]

Secure access, radius regions, and updated Google Maps

Along with several improvements, today we  introduce some major new features for ZeeMaps: Secure https access, Radius Regions, and Updated Google Maps. You can now access ZeeMaps using the https protocol. Google Ads will still show using the http protocol, so you may get warnings of mixed content in IE. To remove the mixed content […]

Up to 500% speed boost for published maps

After months of work, we are pleased to announce that we’ve made significant improvements to our published map code, resulting in up to 500% performance boost, and a refreshed look-and-feel. The functionality of published maps should remain the same, while things have changed under the hood. Since this is major code change, please review your […]

Clustering markers for improved performance

ZeeMaps supports marker “clustering” for improved performance. Clustering groups nearby markers into “clusters” and shows them as small blue circles, instead of the individual marker. Since the map display does not have to draw as many markers, the display performs faster, with less visual clutter. In the past we’ve automatically added marker clustering to maps […]