Clustering markers for improved performance

ZeeMaps supports marker “clustering” for improved performance. Clustering groups nearby markers into “clusters” and shows them as small blue circles, instead of the individual marker. Since the map display does not have to draw as many markers, the display performs faster, with less visual clutter.
In the past we’ve automatically added marker clustering to maps with more than 100 markers. Over the years, Google Maps marker performance has improved, and 100 markers is no longer a good threshold. In fact, with our progressive display technology, even 1000’s of markers is okay to display without clustering.
From now on, therefore, we are removing the automatic clustering of markers. If you want to cluster markers for improved visualization or speed, please use the “Settings -> Markers -> Group nearby markers” menu command to enable marker clustering on your map.
We’ve revised the settings such that when you create a map and it reaches 400 markers, the markers will automatically be set to small markers. When the map reaches 1000 markers, the map will automatically be set to use clustering. You can undo these effects using the Settings -> Markers menu item.
With this new mechanism maps with even less than 100 markers can enabling clustering to reduce visual clutter.

2 thoughts on “Clustering markers for improved performance

  • hello
    I recently started using zeemaps, and it is very useful for my job, but i have some problems with cluster markers.
    I used in a map more color markers and i want to cluster them by color, not all of them, because in general I use like 4-5 different color markers in a map and in setting I can’t find the right command.
    Please help me, it will be good for my career

    • Hi, You can try one thing and see if it will work for your use case. Use the Map -> Legend menu item to define a legend for the map. Then, click in the legend at the bottom of the map to show or hide markers of certain colors. The clustering should still work while only certain colored markers are on the map.

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