Glossary of terms

Here is our Glossary of terms, intended to make ZeeMaps as easy as possible to understand and use:

CSV is a file type, which stands for ‘Comma Separated Values’. It is a common format to save data from spreadsheet programs like Excel or database programs like Access. To save something as a CSV file in Excel, select ‘Save As’ and then choose the CSV format.

An entry identifies a specific person or place on your map. It contains relevant contact information such as name, address, and phone number. Each entry location is highlighted on your map with a marker. To view entry information, place your mouse over the marker and left-click.

A marker is an icon that indicates the place or location of a specific entry on your map, as below.

Example of a marker in the ZeeMaps Glossary

If there are any other terms you would like to see explained in the Glossary, please Contact us.