Customizing a map

Can I customize my map?

Yes, ZeeMaps allows you to customize several default properties on your map, including map type (satellite, hybrid, or terrain), and which map controls are displayed (pan-zoom, small zoom, or scale). You can also edit basic map information such as name, lock keys, and primary contact email address, and add new entry fields. Go to ‘Map’ then ‘Settings’ in your map menu and select the tabs on the left to customise.

Customise your map in Settings
Customise your map in Settings

How do I change the zoom level on my map?

You can use the plus and minus symbols on the bottom right of your map to zoom in or out. You can also set the minimum and maximum zoom by selecting ‘Map’ and ‘Settings’ from your map menu, then ‘Map Display’. Make sure you hit the ‘Save Changes’ button on the top right.

Zoom controls
Zoom controls

How do I re-position my map?

You can re-position your map by clicking and dragging using your mouse. ZeeMaps automatically saves all map positions, so the center coordinates you define will reappear when you return to the map.

How do I change the appearance of information bubbles?

Information bubbles can be edited by going to ‘Map’ and ‘Settings’ then ‘Information Bubble’. This allows you to customize certain fields, from the size of the bubble to what information you’d like displayed. You can also set defaults for the size of photo and video here.

Can I change the appearance of my list?

Yes, you can adjust the width, number of columns, and sort the order of your list. To do this, go to ‘Map’ and ‘Settings’ then ‘List View’.

Customize List View
Customise your list

How do I name my map?

You can edit the map name at any time. From within your map, select the menu item ‘Map’ then ‘Settings’. Under the ‘Basic Information’ tab you can set or edit your map name. Another easy route is to click on the map name at the top of the page. A text box will appear and allow you to edit the name.

Can I add a description for my map?

To show a description under the map name, go to ‘Map’ then ‘Settings’ in your map menu. Select the ‘Basic Information’ tab to add a description for your map. The description will appear over the map, below your map name.

Can I set a map legend?

Yes, once you have created a map you can define legend values for different marker colours.  To do this, open your map and select ‘Map’ and then ‘Legend’ from the menu. There are 31 colours in total. Double click against a colour to edit the legend value then click ‘Ok’. When you are done, hit ‘Submit’ at the bottom of the box. Your map will reload and the legend will appear at the bottom. For legends to appear in published maps, make sure you check the box for ‘With map legend’ when you get the publish map code.

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