This troubleshooting page will help you with any problems using ZeeMaps, and answers the most common technical issues. If there is a troubleshooting question you’d like to see answered, or something you think would be useful for other ZeeMaps users, please Contact us and mark your email ‘troubleshooting’.

How do I find a map that I own?

Click on ‘My Maps’ on the ZeeMaps homepage and you’ll see a list of all your maps.

Troubleshooting topic: how to find a map I own

I uploaded a spreadsheet, but didn’t receive an email notification of the results. What do I do?

First, make sure that the email address you registered with the map is correct. Next, double-check your spreadsheet. Please ensure it contains the columns ZeeMaps needs to determine the locations of your entries. Also, make sure your spreadsheet doesn’t contain any errors, such as blank lines and unnecessary commas. If you’ve checked everything and still haven’t received an email, please Contact us.

I uploaded a spreadsheet, but nothing shows up on my map. What do I do? 

Please follow the steps above.

Excel strips out leading zeros from my postal codes when I export a CSV. What do I do?

You can add double quotation marks (“xxxx”) around your postal code entries to prevent Excel from stripping leading zeros. Alternatively, manually edit the CSV file to add the leading zeros.

I forgot my ZeeMaps keys or passwords. What do I do?

If you forgot your map’s keys, please contact your map admin. If you are the map owner, sign in and open your map. Select ‘Map’ then ‘Settings’ from the menu, and select ‘Map Security’. You can reset the map keys from there. If you are not the map owner or are not signed in, you can click the ‘Map Access’ link at the top of your map. Sign in with your password, and select the ‘Forgot keys’ button. If you have assigned an email address to the map, the map keys will be emailed to you.

I set up automatic updates from my Cloud Drive Spreadsheet, but it doesn’t seem to be updating. What do I do?

This can happen for a couple of reasons: (1) the header row in your Google/Microsoft spreadsheet changed since you set it up for automatic updates, or (2) we had trouble accessing your spreadsheet. If the spreadsheet headers have changed, you’ll need to delete all markers from your map, and attach the spreadsheet again.

I used spreadsheet upload, but some of my entries contain garbled characters. How do I fix this?

Check your spreadsheet file encoding. We try to support different encodings, but best is to use UTF-8. If you cannot save a UTF-8 encoded file from Excel, try the solutions here.

I set up ‘New Entries must be approved by Map Admins’ but I’m not seeing any pending entries. Why?

Only non-Admin added entries are marked for approval from map Admins. Make sure you have an Admin key set up for your map. If it is not set up, then everyone is coming in as Admin so there are no entries needing approval.