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Brand your Map!

We can brand your map with your own company logo and URL! For just $24.95/month, we will replace the ZeeMaps logo at the top left of the map page with your very own logo. In addition, we will link the logo to your own URL. For example, here is a branded map for Kaplan University. […]

Geo Search Your Map

ZeeMaps now supports a powerful GeoSearch feature: search for all entries in a geographical area. For example, you can search for all entries in California, using the search term “california”, or all entries with the name “Systems” in California, by issuing the search “systems, california”. GeoSearch is available for both published maps, and maps on […]

Published Maps: Google Ads, White Label

Remove Google Ads from your published maps in one of two ways: Subscribe individual maps, or Create a subscription group for all maps to be published on a single website. For the first case, use the Map -> Subscribe menu item. For the second case, create a subscription group and then add your maps to […]

Charge for Power Functions

In order to continue providing a reliable, scalable mapping service, we have to start charging for certain power functions: Bulk Edits (Annotations, Markers, Regions) Delete ALL Markers, Delete Some Markers A fully functional ZeeMaps remain free. Non-power users can edit or delete individual markers, annotations, or regions. If you need to use the power functions, […]