Create a Large Poster Map with ZeeMaps

In the following video, we show the steps to create a 4 feet by 4 feet customized poster map with ZeeMaps, suitable for printing and hanging on walls, etc. As with any map images, you need to experiment a bit with the map area and size to get the image that you want.

For world maps, due to the projection and aspect ratio used for mapping, it is best to go with a square image.

Always try a bigger size than what you need to get more information on the map.



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    Wow ! Really ,This is a wonderful post. I enjoyed the information lot. I will bookmark this page. Thanks for sharing this important information. Thanks.

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    I do have poster printing business. This video really helps. Thanks

  • zeemaps
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    HI Max. Thanks for the feedback. We’ll look into this and see if we can provide this next quarter.

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    is there any way to open the markers on the poster map image so you can see a small thumbnail and details… I think this will be more useful!

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