Charge for Power Functions

In order to continue providing a reliable, scalable mapping service, we have to start charging for certain power functions:

  • Bulk Edits (Annotations, Markers, Regions)
  • Delete ALL Markers, Delete Some Markers

A fully functional ZeeMaps remain free. Non-power users can edit or delete individual markers, annotations, or regions.
If you need to use the power functions, please sign-in to ZeeMaps, and upgrade your account using the Account link at the bottom of your map or My Maps page. You can pay for three ($9.95/month), six ($7.95/month), or twelve ($6.95/month) months at a time.
Use the Upgrade button in the Accounts dialog box to make your payment through PayPal.
Once you upgrade the power functions will be activated for all your maps.
Google Ads will not show on the ZeeMaps server for power users. The ads may still show on your published maps, which you can remove using the “Map->Subscribe” menu item.

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