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Automatic Updates from Google Spreadsheet

ZeeMaps has the ability to directly import data from your Google Spreadsheet on your map. To upload a Google Spreadsheet, use the Additions -> Upload CSV menu item. In the resulting dialog box, click on the link that says “Use Google Spreadsheet xxxx”. Make sure that: Your spreadsheet is named ZeeMap-xxx, where xxx is your […]

Highlight Regions in Australia, Canada, China or USA

You can highlight regions of Australia (e.g., Victoria, Queensland), Canada (provinces), China (e.g., Hunan, Jiangshu) and USA (states, cities) on ZeeMaps. Use the Additions -> Highlight Region menu item and then select the appropriate country and state in the resulting Add Region dialog. We support state-level region additions in Australia, China, Canada and USA. For […]

Preview Entries Before Committing

Preview your new map entries before committing to the map. In the Add dialog, after you have entered information about an entry, click on the Preview button. This will show you where the marker will be positioned, its color, and info bubble. Close this info bubble to close the preview. Once satisfied with your entry, […]

Reserve Marker Groups for Admin

With the new “Reserved Groups” capability of ZeeMaps, you can set up your map such that only users with Admin keys can assign markers to the “reserved groups.” This can come in handy for crowdsourced maps, where you want to restrict certain marker groups as, e.g., Editor’s Picks. To reserve a group of markers, use […]