Map Pins with Labels

You can label your map pins, using up to three characters from a field value on your map. For example, you can label your map pins with store numbers, for a store locator map.

First, create a map with your location list. Make sure you have one of the data fields that contains the labels that you want to put on your pins. The field value may be as long as you want, but only the first three characters or less will be used for the labels.

Set the Labels
To set the labels, go to the Map Settings page (menu item Map -> Settings) and then click on the Markers Display tab. In the drop-down for the “Label markers using field” select the appropriate field and hit “Save Changes”.

Set field for pin labels

Your pins should now be labelled using the field value. Note that the labels will only show with larger pins and not if you have your markers set as small pins.

Improved Annotations Management

Text annotations on ZeeMaps just got better:
1. Instead of pre-set colors and sizes, annotations can now have any color and pixel size,
2. Reposition an annotation by simply dragging and dropping it to the new location, and
3. Change the text for an annotation by double-clicking on it.
If your map is locked (Map Access on the right top of the map says None), use the Map Access link to unlock the map with the Admin key. In case you’ve already unlocked, but it still doesn’t work, try refreshing the map page as sometimes the session may have expired.