Improved Marker Manipulation

We made two things much simpler in ZeeMaps:
1. Reposition makers by just dragging and dropping them to the new location. Make sure you don’t have grouped markers. You can temporarily turn off marker grouping by un-checking the menu item “Settings -> Markers -> Group markers close to each other”.
2. Double-click on a maker to make changes to the marker’s details.
Both these are available only when you have Admin access to the map. If your map is locked (Map Access on the right top of the map says None), use the Map Access link to unlock the map with the Admin key. In case you’ve already unlocked, but it still doesn’t work, try refreshing the map page as sometimes the session may have expired.

Moderate addition of map markers

For crowdsourced maps, you can moderate additions with our new “Pending Markers” feature.
Use ‘Map Settings” menu item and then the Add Marker Form tab to check the box for  New entries must be approved by Map Admins, to enable this feature on your map. (Make sure you have set an admin password for your map using Map Settings -> Map Privacy. )
Now, when a non-Admin person adds a marker on the map, it will not be added to the map automatically, but will be in a “Pending Approval” state. Map admins can check for such markers using “View -> Pending Approval“. This will show all markers that are waiting to be approved.
Admins can move, change or delete any of these markers, as you would edit a marker on ZeeMaps. Once you are satisfied with the remaining set of pending markers, use the menu items “Additions -> Approve Pending” to add them all to the map.