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Color your map!

ZeeMaps now allows you to color and mark different regions of the world. For example, you can easily create a map coloring all the countries you have visited. We support coloring of states in Canada and the US, and all the world countries. In the future, we plan to add more states, and further divisions […]

Add YouTube videos to your map entries

Now adding a YouTube video to your map entry is easy. Simply cut-and-paste the YouTube video ID from the video’s URL to your entry, while creating or editing an entry. The following graphic shows you how to locate the ID for your video. Here’s a sample map with two video entries for you to enjoy:

Linking text to markers on your published ZeeMap

After working on it for a while, we’ve finally figured out how to allow linkable text in your published ZeeMap page (patent pending). Here’s a sample map showing Disneyland and the Eiffel tower. To create the linkable Eifell tower text we added the link: <a href=”/item/eiffel_tower” target=”zee_map”>Eiffel tower</a> to our blog. For your own map, […]