Linking text to markers on your published ZeeMap

After working on it for a while, we’ve finally figured out how to allow linkable text in your published ZeeMap page (patent pending).

Here’s a sample map showing Disneyland and the
Eiffel tower.

To create the linkable Eifell tower text we added the link:

<a href=”/item/eiffel_towertarget=”zee_map”>Eiffel tower</a>

to our blog. For your own map, change the “eiffel_tower” to the name of your marker, replacing blanks with underscores(‘_’).

Important Notes:

1. You have to use the ‘target=”zee_map”‘ in your link, otherwise the link will not work.

2. If you have more than one ZeeMap on the page, then the links will not work. So, for this demo to work, please click on the September 07 link on the side-bar and try with only one ZeeMap on the page.

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