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Clustering markers for improved performance

ZeeMaps supports marker “clustering” for improved performance. Clustering groups nearby markers into “clusters” and shows them as small blue circles, instead of the individual marker. Since the map display does not have to draw as many markers, the display performs faster, with less visual clutter. In the past we’ve automatically added marker clustering to maps […]

Re-order marker groups

You can now re-order marker groups for your maps, by dragging and re-arranging the group icons in the tree list view. We are working on allowing drag and re-arrange in other views, but for now this should at least give you this important capability.

Lock your maps!

Perhaps you know already that you can protect your maps with up to three passwords: Admin password to make any kind of change, Member password to only allow additions and modifications of markers, and Viewer password so only users with a password can see marker details. In the past we were using the term ‘login’ when someone would […]

Export and print LARGE maps

One unique feature of ZeeMaps is its ‘Image’ and ‘PDF’ functions. We allow you to generate images of your maps that you can print on different sized papers. This is quite handy when you want to print an image, say in a landscape mode, on a 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper. We are […]