Published Maps: Google Ads, White Label

Remove Google Ads from your published maps in one of two ways:

  1. Subscribe individual maps, or
  2. Create a subscription group for all maps to be published on a single website.

For the first case, use the Map -> Subscribe menu item.

For the second case, create a subscription group and then add your maps to the subscription group. To create a subscription group, sign-in to ZeeMaps and then use the Account link at the bottom of your map page to create a new subscription group.

In the subscription group, enter the base URL for your website. Select a six month or twelve month term and click on the New Subscription button to create the subscription group. Once the subscription group is created, use the Map -> Subscribe menu item on your map to get the subscription dialog. Then, select the newly created subscription group and add your map to the subscription group.

In either case, you can also select the White Label checkbox to publish your maps without ZeeMaps branding.

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