Erin Brockovich makes good use of ZeeMaps

One of the side effects of the industrial revolution has been the pollution and contamination that industrial waste can create. Over the years, society is learning, sometimes the hard way, that unless we properly dispose of this waste, it has the potential to do tremendous harm. The science behind waste management and disposal is complicated, and may take many more years to understand. Nevertheless, one woman in California has certainly made us better aware of the problems it can cause: Erin Brockovich.
Single-handedly she took on some large companies in California and won legal actions against their waste disposal policies. Julia Roberts made her famous in the Oscar award winning movie based on her inspiring story, also titled “Erin Brockovich”.
Erin has not rested on her laurels, and continues to fight for causes wherever she sees folks suffering from issues that they do not have the resources to fight for themselves.
Tens of thousands of people have contacted her reporting issues in their neigborhood. That is where ZeeMaps comes in: Erin can easily use ZeeMaps to figure out the geographical reach of the contamination and other industrial waste issues, based on these reports as shown in her “People’s Reporting Registry“. The map visual is staggering in its reach. Most of the US reports some kind of problem or another.
Take a look at it ‑ perhaps your neighbors are aware of issues that you may not know.

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