Lock your maps!

Perhaps you know already that you can protect your maps with up to three passwords: Admin password to make any kind of change, Member password to only allow additions and modifications of markers, and Viewer password so only users with a password can see marker details.
In the past we were using the term ‘login’ when someone would access a map with one of these passwords. This was very confusing as we also have a ‘sign-in’ for registered users.
So, we have changed the metaphor to ‘Locking‘ and ‘Unlocking‘ maps instead of logging in and out.
Now, you can lock your maps with up to three keys: Admin, Member and Viewer. If a user accesses a locked map, they can only view or access information depending on if they have the appropriate key or not.

6 thoughts on “Lock your maps!

  • Hi community members,
    How on, my own notebook, can I change ‘Map Access:Admin in zeemaps’ ?
    I want other users to put their country markers in the map but don’t know where / how I can get rid of the old status as Admin.

    • Hi there, you can go to the Map -> Settings page and them the Map Security tab and enter keys for Admin. Then, when you access the map, unless you enter an Admin key you will have only the Member access level.

  • So let me understand, if on my personal pc I am logged in to my account on zeemaps as admin, I don t have to add passwards to the 3 empty boxes in map security, and everyone that is accesing my mad throuhg my website become only a viewer with no editing privilege what so ever.
    Another thing that I wanted to ask is if I pay to remove add from google and brand from zeemaps can you show me how the map will look like, before I do the payment(print screen, example)
    thirt thing I wanted to ask is when a viewer is accesing my map they can click all the buttons on the top bar, so let’s say they click on create new map , they will create a new map and they won’t be able to see my map, and the only way to come back is the refresh of my page. Is there a way to block the bar or I m asking to much? 🙂
    Thank you looking forward for you answer
    ps. nicely done with this site nevertheless

    • Hi Razvan,
      If you can send us a link to your map (support@zeemaps.com) we can verify this for you. The map needs to have an owner for your first condition to be true.
      When someone is accessing the map on your site, there should not be the menu bar at the top. You can use the iframe code from Print or Share -> Publish in Website menu on your map to put the map in your website. Then, users will see just the map and not the menu bar, etc.
      Also, when you use the code you’ll see the advertisement and branding at the bottom of the map, so you can see how it will look without the branding and advertisements.

  • Hi,
    I made a custom map with some markers, it s like a treasure hunt of billboards in Bucharest. The thing is that I uploaded the map on my website and I need the map to be lock so that random visitors on my website can only view the map and markers and not edit anything on it. Can you help me? because the passwoards for viewer is not ok or I don;t know how to use it

    • Hi Razvan,
      If you signed-in when you created the map, i.e., the map is owned by your account, you should not have to do anything. So, in the Map -> Settings and then Map Security tab, you can have all three keys set to empty and the box for “Members can edit entries” unchecked. Then, if viewers visit the map on your site they will not be able to modify anything.
      If you did not sign-in, so the map does not belong to any registered account, use the Map -> Settings and then the Map Security tab to make sure there is a key assigned for “Admin” and “Member” and the “Viewer” key is empty. Then, the map should work as above.
      Let us know if we can clarify further.

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