Automatic Marker Categorization from CSV, Spreadsheet data

We now provide automatic marker categorization through copy-and-paste, CSV upload and Google Spreadsheets.
During the confirmation dialog for the upload process, make sure you mark the appropriate data column as the “Category” map field. There are no restrictions to the column name that you can use, as long as you mark it as the “Category” column during the upload process. Similarly, the category names can be your choice like “Restaurants”, “Hotels”, “Gold”, “Silver”, etc. ZeeMaps supports up to 31 categories (more coming soon).
The Categories that you define in your data will be added as a “Map Legend” to your map in the order that they appeared in the data. You can re-order them using the Map->Legend menu item.
The map legend appears below your map in the map editor and is clickable to show and hide markers of certain categories. You can get the legend in your published map using the “legend” option (having a “&legend=1” in the published map URL).

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