Social Map Sharing

Use the Print or Share > Share Link/URL menu item on your map, to get a small URL that you can share with your friends, family, and colleagues.

Shared Link and Menu Item

The share link is for a view-only map including the map title, description, list of items, legend, and a “geo-search” capability, as illustrated in the image below:
Shared Map Image
Shared Map

If you have defined a legend for your map, it will show at the bottom of the page. Visitors to the map can click on a legend value to show or hide markers of that color.
Each shared map has an input box at the top right of the page that users can use to geo-search maps, i.e., search by entry name or location. For example, search for entries in California by entering “California” in this input box. Similarly, you can search for postal codes, counties, countries, continents, and so forth.
If you’ve subscribed your map for ads-free publishing, then the shared map will not show ads.
If your map is “white labeled” or “branded”, then the shared map will be white-labeled or branded as well.
The shared map will respect map privacy. Maps marked private will only show data after a user has unlocked them with one of the map keys.

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