Re-Positioning or Relocating Markers

Sometimes when you add a marker on a map. It is not positioned exactly where you’d like it to be positioned. There could be many reasons for this: e.g., the address information was not geo coded correctly. Or, you do not want to position the marker on the exact address. or there are multiple markers on a location and you’d like to tease them apart.
ZeeMaps allows you to drag-and-drop markers to reposition them.
To enable drag-and-drop, click on the marker. In the resulting information bubble, click on the first icon to the right bottom of the information bubble.

This should allow you to drag-and-drop the marker to its new location.

3 thoughts on “Re-Positioning or Relocating Markers

    • Hi Jasna, Thanks for pointing this out. We’ll take a look at it. I’m assuming that you added a simple marker by just putting “Moscow” instead of “Moscow, Russia”, correct?

      • Jasna Kovacevic says:

        Yes, this is happening when you put “Moscow” and default country will be set to Serbia.
        Moreover, if you want to put marker for Russia there will appear “Russia, Serbia” marker.
        It will happen even in “Add Marker – Detailed” and with function “Click on a map location” if you don’t set country manualy.

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