My Maps Merge and Switch between Maps

ZeeMaps allows you to merge maps (two or more) and easily switch between maps you’re working on.

Merge my maps

To merge maps, you have to be a paid user. You won’t be able to take the following steps if you’re on the Basic plan, which is free. Please check pricing information here.
When you merge maps you create a new map that contains all the points, highlighted regions, legends, connections and annotations that each of the original maps contain.
To do this, click on the ‘My Maps’ link on the homepage. Alternatively, you can hover over your sign-in details at the top right of the page and select the ‘My Maps’ menu option from there. Select two or more maps by clicking anywhere in a map row except the map name. Once they are highlighted, go to ‘Map Operations’ and select ‘Merge’.
My maps merge
You’ll be asked for a title and a description of the new merged map, and whether you’d like to proceed.
Once the new map is created,  you can access it in ‘My Maps’ and print it or use it on websites, blogs or social media platforms. You can also save your new map as a PDF, PNG or CSV file.
The new merged map exists in addition to the originals, so you can still access your original maps. However, changes to the originals do not reflect in the merged map.

Switch between maps

You don’t have to be a paid user to switch between maps and it’s a feature that makes ZeeMaps even smoother to use. You can only switch between maps that you own. You can check what you’ve got by looking in ‘My Maps’.
If you are working in one map and would like to switch to another of your maps, go to ‘Map’ on the left of the menu bar and select ‘Switch Map’.
Switch between my maps
You’ll then be taken to a ‘Select a Map’ window where you can see all your maps and you can choose the one you want from the dropdown list.
This is a useful feature if you are working on store location maps or customer maps for example, and want to ensure they are consistent in appearance (marker color, annotation style, etc.)