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Bunk-a-Biker World
Please select the color of your pin from the key below and DON’T use any other colors. You MUST include a description of what you have to offer (bed, couch, yard, tools, garage) or you pin will be turned yellow. This is also the place to add best contact method and house rules. __________________________________ #BLUE - You can be contacted for local information only._______ #GREEN - You have space for CAMPING ONLY._______ #RED - You have guest HOUSING (couch/bed) ONLY. _______ #PURPLE - You have BOTH guest housing (couch/bed) and tent space.______ #YELLOW - The admin changed the pin to indicate there’s no details and is trying to correct it. _______ #WHITE - The admin changed it to indicate there’s no email address for contact. _____________________________________ More info at
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