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President Obama: Breach the Lower Snake River dams to feed starving orcas!
In the 60's & 70's, Seaworld took 60 members from the Southern Resident killer whale clan, leaving just 70 whales. Around the same time the Federal Govt. put in 4 dams on the lower Snake River, killing the salmon the whales rely on; when they tried to recover from the captures, there was simply not enough fish. In 2005 the Salish Sea orcas were declared endangered, their food is endangered and so is the Columbia river itself. We've spent billions of dollars on Snake River salmon recovery with not one species recovering, much less thriving, and in fact they are doing worse now. We've spent millions on orca recovery with virtually no recovery. A resident killer whale from JPod,  Polaris, has just died of starvation, despite her family's desperate attempts to feed her, and sadly her calf could not survive without his mother. This is the fate of the resident killer whale population in the Salish Sea unless you intervene. They rely primarily on a diet of salmon to survive. The solution is simple; breaching the earthern berns on these dams is a cheap, fast and easy way to restore pristine salmon habitat. The salmon and salmon dependent species, including humans, would all benefit if these 4 dams were breached. President Obama, YOU have the solution and can fix this with a swipe of your executive pen. Please issue an executive order to breach those dams and feed starving orcas.
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