Create and publish interactive maps

Use maps for analysis and presentations.

Key Features

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Sign-Up Not Required

You do not need to create an account to make maps

Custom Fields

Add searchable custom fields for map entries

Map Images

PDF or PNG map images for presentations or brochures


Add video, photo, or audio with your markers

Customizable Icons

Customize marker icons with your own images

Color Regions

Highlight countries, states, cities, zip codes, counties, or hand-draw region

Marker Groups

Up to 31 marker groups and sub-groups with clickable map legend

Entry List

Show clickable list of entries to the left or right of your map

Moderated Additions

Crowd Source marker additions to restricted marker groups

Private Mapping

Keep maps private for confidential data with HTTPS support


Search for entries matching field values, with distance

Edit Grids

Manage your map entries with powerful editing grid

Map Title
Admin Password

Starting Location
All fields optional — configure later.

Use this form to create your own interactive map.

Once you create a map, you can add markers to the map, highlight regions, add text annotations, upload addresses from Excel spreadsheets, etc.

Share the map in presentations using PNG or PDF images.