Use Google Analytics to track visits to this map, with tracking ID:
What's this?

Note: this will track only visits to the map on the ZeeMaps server. For tracking published maps, use the tracking feature during publish.

Adjust settings for the map additions, including customization for the additions dialogs. Such customizations can be useful when you are inviting other users to add entries to your map.

Close Add dialog after successful addition

You can lock your map with up to three keys:

  • Admin key for administering the map,
  • Member key for your group members to add markers to the map, and
  • Viewer key to allow users read-only access to entry details.

If you leave a key empty, all users will have at least that level of access to the map. For example, if your Member key is empty, all users will have at least Member access. You must define an Admin key if you want to prevent others from making changes to your map.

Remember to specify a contact email for your map so we can inform you of your keys in case you forget them.

Remove advertisements from the map when it is published in your website. Optionally, remove "built with" ZeeMaps branding.