[MAP] Greg Hindy -- One Year Performance: Walking, Silence
This map pertains to a Performance Art and Large Format Photography Project of Greg Hindy (Nashua, NH. Yale University, New Haven, CT). Greg has taken a one-year vow of silence and during this time he is walking across the US taking a long route estimated to involve more than 8000 miles of walking! He is carrying his equipment in a backpack and hand-pulled trailer and generally is camping. While he will not speak, he will photograph incessantly with a large format 4 x 5 film field camera. I am monitoring Greg's bank account during this time. This provides our only means of tracking him through some of the cities and towns he traverses, i.e., places where he has used his bank card to purchase food and supplies. He used his bank card in the cities and towns indicated on this map. [Blue markers indicate 1-month increments from Greg's July 9th departure, e.g., Aug 9, Sept 9, etc.] Please see Greg's official website for more information, and feel free to join the Facebook Group established by family to follow his progress: Website: http://www.greghindy.com --- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/565214103539066/
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