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Million Mask March Worldwide Event Map

Click 'website' in any info bubble to visit the event page for that location, or copy and paste the secure URL into your browser if you prefer not to deal with links. Email new event links to millionmaskmarchmap@gmail.com for them to be added to the map. The list is alphabetical by city name - if a city is not designated, it is listed by state or country. If you want to continue following the Original Million Mask March peaceful protest event, please follow the main event page for Washington D.C., which is a blue marker on the map. The link to the sister event, which shares the mission statement and purposes, is hosted by AOTWH and is indicated by a yellow marker. The MMM and AOTWH are NOT affiliated with the other Citizens Action group or that group's claimed attempts for citizens arrests. The green DC marker is a controversial addition that promotes agendas the admins of this map and the D.C. event do NOT agree with. Being a leaderless movement not all events are the same and some may deviate from the original event's guidelines, so please research any event and know your rights and the laws before attending one! The admins of this map and the original DC event do not take responsibility for or advocate any illegal actions by event hosts in other cities or countries.