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[MAP] Greg Hindy -- One Year Performance: Walking, Silence
This map pertains to Greg Hindy's One Year Performance: Walking, Silence. This is a long duration Performance Art and Large Format Photography Project. Greg -- a native of Nashua, NH and a 2013 graduate of Yale University -- spent twelve months walking this long route (the red markers, with the blue markers indicating one-month intervals from his departure). All the while he maintained a strict vow of silence and abstained from technology and entertainment. The location markers are based on his bank account record, which indicates where he has used his debit card to purchase food and supplies en-route. This project began on his 22nd birthday and ended on his 23rd birthday. Additional information about this project can be found online, e.g., The yellow markers indicate his progress after his year of silence as he now is walking back home to New Hampshire! He is communicating and using technology for this return walk, and taking a direct but very physically demanding return route. Folks interested in following his progress can join our Facebook Group: