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Green Urban Initiatives
Waste to energy – clean air above Baku city. Azerbaijan’s capital Baku, the “City of Winds”, is the largest city of Caspian Sea and in the Caucasus region. Baku’s built-up urban area, including urban and suburbs, covers around 1,127 sq km and is home to an estimated 2.7 million people, about of quarter of Azerbaijan population. Since 1963 for decades, all of the capital city Baku’s waste was taken to a huge landfill in Balakhani settlement. The smoke of the garbage burned there poisoned the sky over the city. It is a hazard to human health and the environment. The project Waste-to -energy plant supported economic development and improve environment and health conditions of 3.5 million population. The plant was built with capacity to treat over 500,000 tons of municipal solid waste and generate 230 GWh of electricity annually from incineration, supplying the equivalent to the power needs of more than 50,000 households. The electricity generated by the plant saves the country from burning 100,000 tons of oil per year. The efficiency of the plant could be improved with construction a fly ash treatment facility which will catch fly ash generated during incineration by special filters to prevent it polluting the environment. Bottom ash, which is heavier and less harmful, is used as road construction material, and metal residues are recycled. The sorting of waste prior to reaching the plant will improve plant operation.
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