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Destination Boat Clubs Carolinas
If you are a boating enthusiast, we basically have 3 options: #1. Buy a boat, or #2. Rent a boat, or #3. Join a Boat Club (not excluding hitching rides on friend’s or family’s boats!) Discover how we have our cake, and eat it too, by joining Destination Boat Clubs Carolinas! Gain ALL the benefits of boat ownership, without ANY of the costs, expenses, hassles, or headaches that come with it! Enjoy unlimited access to Lake Norman and the freedom to choose from a variety of new model boats we own for cruising, fishing & watersports, all for a one-time initiation fee and affordable monthly dues thereafter! Now accepting applications for the '22-'23 boating season! Call NOW! Memberships are limited, and on a 1st-come, 1st-serve basis!
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