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"Cultures In Conflict"
"Cultures in Conflict” is a six-part series publishing June 2011 in The Forum and<br> <p>During the first five days of the series, we’ll introduce you to local individuals who were born in countries around the globe that face social unrest, political change and/or cultural conflict.</p> <br> <p>They come from Syria, Kurdistan Iraq, Burundi, Nepal and Somalia.</p> <br> <p>Each person shared with The Forum their unique tale of their homeland and their transition to America and Fargo-Moorhead.</p> <br> <p>While their experiences are distinct, some similarities weave their stories together.</p> <br> <p>We invited each of these individuals to participate in a roundtable discussion about international and cultural issues, as a way to shed light on topics we don’t often discuss here in the upper Great Plains.</p> <br> <p>That conversation will be chronicled for the sixth, and final, installment of this series.</p> <br> <p>Read the stories each day in <a href="">The Forum</a> – and check out for extra content, including videos of each interview and an interactive map.</p> <br> <p>- Kristen M. Daum, reporter at <a href="">The Forum of Fargo Moorhead</a>.</p> <br> <p>(All content copyright, Forum Communications 2011).<p>
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