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Welcome to Bunk-a-Biker! (DO NOT CONTACT BLACK PINS.) Attention, please read this description before using BaB! FOR HOSTS: on your pin, you MUST provide a first name and last initial/full last name, a valid mobile phone number with country code to receive texts (you are consenting to receive texts by submitting a pin to the map), a valid email, and a description. ___Your DESCRIPTION should include what you have to offer (bed, couch, yard space, camper, garage space, local info, tools, etc), your preferred contact method (text, call, or email), when guests should contact you (EX: at least 24 hours in advance but no more than a week between hours 8am-9pm), any information about pets for those allergic, if you want to provide food, whether you're alcohol/420/2A friendly, how many people you will host at once, whether you require pictures of ID/COVID vaccinations/social media links/etc, and anything else that a bunker should know before contacting you. ___Pins are approved at least at the beginning of the month and you will receive an email with your personal link to edit your pin from NO-REPLY@MOTOMULTIVERSE.COM when it is approved. (Check your spam folder)___ It is your responsibility to manage your pin. Hosts will receive check-in texts every few months to make sure they're still available and emails with important information regarding BaB.____ FOR GUESTS: Please read the website before contacting our hosts on how to properly approach them to ask for accommodations. PIN COLORS: #BLUE - You can be contacted for local information only. (DO NOT CONTACT FOR HOSTING.) #GREEN - You have outside space only. #RED - You have inside space only. #PURPLE - You have both inside and outside space available. #YELLOW - The pin needs a description. #BLACK - This host is currently unavailable. (DO NOT CONTACT) #WHITE - Please remove this pin. (ADMIN USE ONLY) For more information, please read the website: ___We also have a list of banned individuals, please check it occasionally.
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