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Export list from geographical search on your map

The search capability in ZeeMaps allows you to search your map based on marker field values and geography, e.g., you can search for all “Gold” customers in California in a customer map on ZeeMaps. Use the View -> Search menu item on your map to bring up a search dialog as shown below: Section A […]

Zip Code Finder and County Maps with Labels

With ZeeMaps, you can build Zip Code Finder or County maps, by highlighting certain Zip Codes (in the US) and counties (in US, France and UK). You can style the highlighted area by picking the color and opacity of for the region, and the size, color and opacity of the boundary. With a recent upgrade, […]

Adding Concentric Circles on a Radius Map

ZeeMaps makes it easy to add concentric circles on a radius map. To add your concentric circles, create your radius map, and click on the menu item Highlight Regions -> Circles. This should give you a dialog to specify your circles center, and enter multiple radiuses (separated by commas or spaces) for the circle in […]

US Zip Codes Map Update

If you’d like to make a Zip Codes Map with selected Zip Codes highlighted, please note that we’ve updated our Zip Code data to the 2014 US Postal Service routes.